The Greatest of All Time ....


'If my mind can conceive it, and my heart can believe it - then I can achieve it.'-Muhammad Ali


I don't believe 'greatness' is about being famous or well-known. Nor is it reserved for those rare few who are considered the best at what they do.

Many of the greatest people the world will ever know, died having never been 'known'.

I believe greatness lies in the hearts of those who are brave enough to believe that if they can see it, they can be it. Those who are courageous enough to believe in the power of purpose and possibility. Those who are fearless enough to dream. 

Muhammad Ali saw himself as 'The Greatest' before he actually was called 'The Greatest'.  He was a Champ in his mind before he was The Champ in the ring.

He understood the power of the mind. The power of belief. The power of vision. The power of the words he spoke and the thoughts he had,.

Muhammad Ali knew what made him come alive and he was fearless in its pursuit. He gave himself permission to dream. He believed in himself. He believed in the power of his one life. He didn't care what other people thought. He didn't allow what the world saw or said to alter what he saw or believed.

You see, the first key to greatness is to recognize you were created for greatness. You were created to do something no one else in this world can do. You were created to live life fully alive. Empowered. Fearless and free. Full of passion and purpose.

You were created to change the world. 

And the next key to greatness is, you have to believe in yourself! You have to believe in your dreams!  You have to allow your heart and mind to dwell in the land of possibility. You have to see what no one else can see. And you have to be fearless in the pursuit of your dreams. Without worrying what others might think. Without worrying what others might say. Without worrying if you fail. 

So then, what is it that makes you come alive?!

What would you do with your life if there were no limits?

If money, circumstances, location weren't an issue ... if there were nothing holding you back, what would you do??! 

What is your dream come true?!

Know this! Take time to discover the dreams in your heart!! Think big! Believe in what makes no sense! Dwell in possibility!

Too often we kill our dreams because we allow what is logical to kill what is possible. We disempower ourselves with our disbelief. We focus on what is, rather than what could be.

But the thing is, you can't have what you won't allow yourself to see! You have to give yourself permission to dream. And you have to believe that your dreams are possible. You actually can be who you want to be. You can do what you want to do. 

Greatness can show itself in a million different places and a million different ways. It can be seen on a world stage, in an elementary school, on a soccer field, in a hospital, a home ... you will see it anywhere there are people living confident, courageous, fearless and free.

But it always starts in a place no one else can see. It starts with a dream. A dream that grows with a belief of possibility. 

Believe in yourself. Believe in your dreams. Believe you were created for greatness!

If your mind can see it, and your heart can believe it, you can have it. It is possible.