For the past year, without fail, I pick the wrong check out line everywhere I go.

I mean, I have never been great at picking check out lines, but I have never missed the mark so much and so consistently, as I have this past year. If there was an award for worst check out line picker, I would win it.

I go to the line where the person has a price issue. Or the line, where without warning, the woman pulls out a huge coupon binder to go through page by page, item by item. And I will watch all the other people in all the other lines check out leave the store, and there I still stand. Waiting for days.

One time recently, I unloaded an entire FULL cart of groceries onto the conveyer belt at target. The woman rings half my stuff up, and the scanner stopped working. I had to reload everything BACK INTO MY CART, and go to another line. Not even kidding.

First world problems, I know, but it just frustrates the crap out of me.

I tend to have really good instincts with reading people and situations ... everywhere except for check out lines. It makes no sense.

At first I thought it was bad luck, but then it just seemed to happen so frequently that it started to feel like I was being set up. Like God was playing a joke on me or something.

And after about a year of consistently picking the worst check out line possible, every single time, I had an 'aha' moment. God actually was setting me up. He was setting me up with countless opportunities to work on a self-proclaimed weakness that I have asked Him to help me with countless times ... my patience.

What I thought was happening to me (I always pick the wrong line ... I always have to wait ...), was actually happening for me (opportunity to choose higher perspective ... to grow in patience...)!!

What had been frustrating me was actually meant to make me better. But when I focused on what I didn't like - waiting in line - I was refusing a gift I was intended to have - growth.

When I changed my perspective, what I received also changed. An inconvenience became an opportunity. And in the process, a frustration has become a gift.

No, I did not have an 'aha' moment and suddenly get patient. I don't think it happens like that. I'm still picking the wrong line. I'm still not patient. And my natural reaction is still to get annoyed. BUT - I now have a perspective that helps me think myself back into receiving gift mode. I am able to catch myself in my frustration and negative thinking and stop it. I am able to reframe my perspective and choose a higher thought. And that, my friends is progress :)

This is obviously a small example of a bigger truth. How you see creates what you will receive. Your perspective of your current situation will make you powerful or powerless.

Waiting in line, I can receive frustration or I can receive growth. If I see it as an inconvenience, i will experience an inconvenience. If I see it as an opportunity, i will experience an opportunity.

It all comes down to how I choose to see. 

So tonight, my question is ... Where is your opportunity?

Maybe its as small as waiting in grocery store lines, or maybe its something bigger like a medical diagnosis or an issue with a job or finances ...

Whatever it is, I challenge you to find a new perspective. I challenge you to find the gift that is hiding. I challenge you to find your opportunity.

Nothing happens to you, everything happens for you. You were created to be a victor in all things, not a victim. You were created to be powerful, not powerless. 

Every obstacle in front of you is an opportunity. Whatever you are walking through is not the breaking of you, it is the making of you. Be empowered with a higher perspective. Find your gift. Find your opportunity. What you see is what will be!