On Orlando and Such ...

Sometimes as an athlete, you get into a game and things just are not working. Your touch is off. Your vision feels small. You can't hit a shot. You can't connect a pass. Nothing works.

And in these moments, when you start feeling so frustrated with yourself and the game and all that is going on, you have to refocus and zone in on doing one thing ...

Control the controllables.

In this moment, what can you control? What do you have power over?

You can be the worst player on the field, but you can control how hard you work. You can control the energy you bring. You can control what you say. You can control your response.

And when you start focusing on what you can control, when you put all of your energy in that space, it doesn't matter if you can kick your own butt or not, you will make an impact in the game.

Its when we feel out of control that we lose control. 

And when we lose control, we lose the ability to make a positive impact.

I am talking about all of this tonight, because I, like the rest of the world, am so sad and heartbroken over another senseless tragedy. A gunman walked up to a singer, Christina Grimmie , after a concert on Friday night and killed her. And then, Saturday night, evil resurfaced and brutally murdered 49 beautiful lives and broke the hearts of thousands upon thousands more.

We see this crap way too often. Evil spewing its venom. Senseless destruction. Horrific.

I can't even.

I just have no words.

And this is the environment we are raising our children in. This is what our kids normal is becoming. Another tragedy. Another crazy lunatic destroying lives. Churches, malls, schools, nightclubs ...

I can't even.

I feel so sick about it all.

But here's the thing, in this moment, what can I control? What do I have power over?

It reminds me of that quote that says something like 'look for the helper'. When tragedy hits, focus on the beauty of mankind. Focus on the helpers. Don't focus on the hate.

Yes, I believe we must confront evil, but right now I am talking about empowering what is good over what is evil.

There are countless people giving themselves to the hurting people of orlando. I have read some beautiful stories about the generosity of strangers. About the heroic police officers and doctors and nurses and first responders. About families coming together, and strangers reaching out, and food being served, and hugs being given. And where some see great division, I am seeing people of all different beliefs and faiths and backgrounds, coming together in love. I see people coming together. I see brokenness, and in that brokenness, I see light shining through the cracks. I see love revealing itself in the face of hate.

I see so many beautiful broken hearts. And I see so many beautiful people. And I see how we are all connected.

Its a funny thing, how a person hell-bent on division, can actually cause people to be more united than they ever were before ...

But, here is the thing I want to share tonight ...

We cannot control what happened over the last 48hrs, but we can control our response.

We can choose to focus on the controllables.

Instead of pointing fingers, lets reach out in love.

We can disagree about political candidates and guns and the war on terror and the president and all of that, but our disagreements do not empower love! And, in this moment, this is the thing we need to see more than ever! Use your voice to encourage and empower. Use your voice to release life and light!

I believe our views are important. And free speech. And voting. And all of these things. But what I am saying is right now, today, it doesn't matter. Broken people are desperate to be supported...to be encouraged..to be loved. Focus your energy in the places that matter. Control the controllables.

Do you know that your words literally can bring LIFE or DEATH?!? Do you understand that what you do and what you say has power to actually release LIGHT or DARKNESS?!!?!?! 

Do you understand the magnitude of this????!??!?!?!?!?!?

We have the power and responsibility to RELEASE LIFE AND LIGHT into EVERY SITUATION, EVERYWHERE WE GO!!!!! Talking about what you do not like does nothing right now!!!!!

Focus on what you can control. Focus on releasing life. Focus on giving love. Focus on the good you can empower in this moment.

Darkness cannot stand the light. So be the light. Strike a match everywhere you go. Love the broken. Stop for the one in front of you. Reach out to the hurting. Encourage people. Empower beauty. Be relentless in love.

Control your controllables.


** As a note ... this post is in no way a suggestion of how someone should/should not grieve. My hope is to empower people to use their words/thoughts/actions to positively impact everyone in their unique sphere of influence. I believe there is a way to share what you believe in without negatively attacking what you are against.**