Tonight, unedited .... #prayforpat

I am once again confronted with the reality of the brevity of life.

Its so easy to forget sometimes, isn't it?!

We get caught up in our day to day. Busy with work. Busy with going from here to there. Busy doing.

And I don't want to waste my time building sandcastles. I don't want to waste my days working to build something that is here today and gone tomorrow.

Because isn't that what life is anyway? Just a vapor ... a breath ... here today, gone tomorrow ...

And that's an easy truth to forget. Until you are faced with a cruel reminder.

I am sure most of you know what this post is regarding. I actually have written 4 different posts about Coach Summitt, but I haven't posted any yet. And now I am just free-writing my random, unedited head thoughts and committing to pressing the publish button when I am done.

Maybe the strongest woman I have ever been around. Her mentality was unlike any other ... ever. Period. End of story. No one like her ever.

And it seems almost too unreal for a mind so unbelievably strong to be attacked with such a viscous, cruel disease whose mission is to literally destroy the mind.

But here is what I am most reminded of tonight ...

Coach Pat Summitt left a legacy a lot bigger than wins on a basketball court. She left a legacy of people. Of family.

She didn't waste days. She didn't get caught up in the stuff that may matter today, but doesn't at the end of your life. She didn't waste time building sandcastles. She didn't care about that stuff. She cared about people. She invested in people. She was passionate about people. She embodied a life of significance.

You know how I know?!?

Just look at the people supporting her. Look at the massive amount of prayers and love being sent her way. Look at social media. People from all over the world voicing their support and love. People she has never even met wearing Orange in support, posting pics in support, wearing shirts that say 'we are family' in support.

Listen, Pat Summitt was the most successful womens coach ever, but she was so much more than that. And what she leaves behind is so much greater than banners hung, championships won, rings worn or trophys in a case.

Pat Summitt brought people together. She treated the janitor the same as the President. She stopped for the person in front of her. She was willingly inconvenienced for others.

The light she carried can never be quenched because its carried on by thousands upon thousands of others, who will pass it on to thousands upon thousands more.

This week I plan to post a couple more posts about Coach Summitt, but tonight, I just want to give a quick, unedited, real time post ...
I am sad. This whole thing makes me feel just completely sick to my stomach.

And I am also just so in awe of Coach Summitt and what she built during her time on earth. She built a family. A big big family, all connected by a common denominator - Coach Pat Summitt. Whether we know each other or not, the Lady Vol nation is a family because of one woman who was committed to living one day at a time and investing in one person at a time.

She modeled a life of significance. She modeled leadership. She modeled what life lived well is meant to look like. She modeled family.

And that is what she built. And that is what you are seeing right now as so many are rallying to support, pray for and love her. You are seeing the family she created. So big and so endless. Because she impacted so many more lives than I am sure she even knew.

She was so much bigger than basketball. Basketball was just her vehicle. People were her purpose.

To be that successful, and live life with that kind of significance ... unreal. What a gift to us all.